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General Terms and Conditions

Protection of Privacy


What types of personal information does BYGABRIELE AG collect?

  • BYGABRIELE AG may collect the following categories of personal data:
    Identification and contact information such as name, address, phone number or email address, when you are willing to provide them to sign up for an online account to make a purchase.
  • Payment information: credit card details, bank account numbers, paypal account details or other payment details which you must provide to receive products you have ordered from us.
  • Demographic information like your gender and birthday.
    Information about your purchases online. This could include the products you purchased and their prices.

If you use our website we may collect information about the browser you are using and your browsing behaviour.

Your personal information is collected either directly from you (e.g. if you create an account on our website) or passively (e.g. when using tracking tools like browser cookies).

If you choose not to submit any personal information when requested to perform a contract or when required by law you will not be able to receive the bag you ordered.

We are fully committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and website visitors.

When does BYGABRIELE AG collect personal information?

  • We collect your personal data under the following circumstances:
  • When you visit our businesses or other premises;
  • When you purchase our goods via our website;
  • When you claim a service from our Customer Services;
  • When you receive a newsletter or other advertisement about our products;
  • When you take part in one of our market research promotions or surveys;
  • When you communicate with us by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), video messaging or Instant Messaging;
  • When you make contact with us at special occasions such as events.

How do you use my personal information?

We use the information described above for the purposes pf processing in connection with our products, customer communication, events, customer behaviour analysis or marketing. In other words we use your information:

  • to improve our understanding of your interests and concerns: we may use your information to improve our website. We may use your information to customize your experience with BYGABRIELE AG and to tailor our marketing activities to fit your needs and interests.
  • to process your order, respond to your requests or questions, and manage your complaints: for example, we use your information to process your order and deliver your products.
  • we may use your information to send you information you requested or to communicate with you about your account or our relationship: we may contact you about changes to the website.
  • for security purposes: we may use information to protect our company, our customers and our website against fraud, theft or any wrongdoing which may affect our activity as it is our legitimate interest to ensure the security of our activity.
  • for marketing purposes: we may use your information to inform you about new products and special offers we think you will find valuable.
  • for analytics purposes: we may use your information to measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns as it is in our interest to optimise our marketing campaigns.
  • other purposes: we use information to maintain transaction and other business records for legal, administrative and audit purposes. We also use information to meet legal, insurance and processing requirements.

Some cookies may be functional to collect information which will allow us to facilitate your browsing such as languages preferences or saving the content of your order.

Other cookies also collect information on your behaviour by collecting referring URLS (where our visitors come from, which banners they clicked on and which directed them to our website), pages accessed, times of websites visits. Such information will allow us to enhance our website, have a better understanding of the products you would prefer and offer you more personalized content on our website.

We also use cookies for web analytics to measure the websites activity and determine the areas of the websites which are the most visited, hence improving visibility of our content.

What rights do I have?

You have the right to assert your data protection rights at any time and to obtain information about your stored personal data, to rectify, add to, object to the processing of your personal data, or demand the deletion of your personal data.
We are obliged by law to notify you of the name of the owner of the data collection which includes your personal data. The owner of the data collection is BYGABRIELE AG.

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