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About me

A mother of four; an artist; a free spirit. It is my wish to share my vision of the world through my collection. I hope to bring a sense of fun, happiness and inspiration to others – to ignite the spark of imagination, the belief in dreams and the aspiration to follow them.

I left the corporate world behind when I started my family. Now that my four children have grown up and are ready to embark on their own adventures, I am channeling my energy and passion into this deeply personal, creative venture so I can live my dreams.

the brand

As a traveler of the world I spend half of my year at least finding objects of art in all their shapes, forms, and materials to bring to my most valued customers.

What fulfills me most is when I see how much joy those artworks bring to people in my store and how much it means to all the artists around the globe, being assured that their creations are being valued and cherished by me and my clients.

My inspiration emanates from a profound love – for my children, for the vast diversity of the world, and for art in all its splendid forms. I hold a deep affection for colors; life becomes infinitely more joyous when immersed in the vibrant energy that colors offer – wouldn’t you concur?

The values underpinning